Kim's journey

Kim was diagnosed last Thursday, September 16, 2010 with ovarian cancer. As Kim's Family, Friends, Neighbors and Fans - we have started this blog to help share information, updates, support, and love with each other during her next few months of surgery, treatment and healing. We will try to update it whenever we receive information. Please feel free to leave a comment expressing your support, love, and encouragement anytime - as that is how we will all grow and strengthen each other - especially Kim and her family. We love you Kim, and our faith, prayers, and total support and dedication are with you as you embark on this "Journey"!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Many Thanks!

I am so completely overwhelmed by the love and support of so many people. As difficult as this time has been, I am truly feeling the love of my Heavenly Father with each and every new experience. I have to give extra hugs and kisses to Patti and Heidi--I think they might be even more exhausted from all of this than I am! Kelli Child was so dear to set this up--if you know me, you know there's no way on earth I could ever figure out this blog stuff on my own! Thank you, Kelli! I kind of hit a "speed bump" yesterday, but fortunately Vern and my mom were right there to pick me up and get me going again. Mom is here with me, and so of course, everything is fine as long as Mom is here. Her celestial crown is going to be so loaded with jewels she won't be able to even hold her head up! I had several earthly angels minister to me today--Julie, Corie and Dr. Green down at the Breast Care Center at Intermountain Medical Center. They really rolled out the red carpet for me! I could not have asked for more sensitive, kind and caring individuals to work with me today. They biopsied 5 areas in the breast & lymph nodes today and Dr. Webb should have the results by Friday for sure, and possibly by Thursday. Hopefully, this will be nothing of concern and we can try to proceed for surgery next week--Dr. Webb is working really hard to get me on the schedule earlier. I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers! A dear friend gave me a card this week that said, "The task ahead of us is never as great as the 'power' behind us!" How true that is--I am certainly feeling His power and the power of your positive thoughts and prayers! Thank you so much!


  1. Kim, I think about you every day, so many times. I love you so much! You have always been such a blessing in our lives--what a fine example of everything good you are! Have your cute mom put my number in her phone--I can run kids anywhere anytime or pick stuff up at the market, whatever you might need. Don't forget. We're all full of prayers and happy thoughts for you. Everyday, all the time.

  2. Hi Kim,

    I am sorry to hear the news of your diagnoses. Please know that Geraline and I are fasting and praying for you. I believe that attitude is everything, and you always have a great attitude and positive spirit about you. Keep smiling and know that Heavenly Father is there to buoy you up! Let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

    Shane and Geraline Cloward

  3. Kim, we are thinking of you and your family and was so happy to see your blog so that we can keep updated with your progress. You have always been an example of positive attitude to me- and continue to be! We love you!
    Chantelle Gibson & family

  4. Kim, You are such an example of strength. Ever since I moved to this Valley, your 'Tasmanian Devil type whirlwind help anyone and everyone you can' lifestyle has been a shining example to me.

    I can say with surety that there are many you have served that are eager to serve you at this time.

    Our Prayers are with you and the family.

    Patti and Kelli - always the example of service as well. Thank you for this blog and all that you do which is more than often without notice or fanfare.

  5. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything I can do...please let me know.


    Monique & Chloe :)

  6. We love you and pray for you nightly--you are a strong woman who can beat this--motto:STAY STRONG--
    Love you-

    Donny and Tina

  7. Rick & Melanie JensenSeptember 26, 2010 at 3:06 AM

    We are praying and thinking of you and your family. We miss our many friends from our old ward. We miss you. You are in our thoughts.

  8. My Dearest Kim,
    Sorry i have been such a slacker and not even contacted you! It is so hard for me to even know what to say. I am upset ofcourse and can't believe it. I am grateful to count you as one of my friends and you don't know how much good it did me to talk to you in Europe about our"issues".
    Tell Vern and Kali I love them and pray for you guys lots. I am thinking about you more than i should but i just can't help it. Ok i think i should get a prize for the worst english entry ever! ok.... wow you would think i never read or write huh! I would love to do anything to help you guys. please let me. this blog is such a great idea and i will keep commenting if i am allowed. i love you so much and admire so many things about you. Be strong!
    with all my love and concern, Ruth Ann