Kim's journey

Kim was diagnosed last Thursday, September 16, 2010 with ovarian cancer. As Kim's Family, Friends, Neighbors and Fans - we have started this blog to help share information, updates, support, and love with each other during her next few months of surgery, treatment and healing. We will try to update it whenever we receive information. Please feel free to leave a comment expressing your support, love, and encouragement anytime - as that is how we will all grow and strengthen each other - especially Kim and her family. We love you Kim, and our faith, prayers, and total support and dedication are with you as you embark on this "Journey"!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Small & Simple Things

Well, I can give a big sigh of relief--the bone scan results came back clear and we're all set to go this week with my surgery. I was more worried about it than I would have liked to admit--I have been achy all over, but the pain in my left upper arm was so consistent and intense each day that I was sure the cancer had spread. Of course, since I received the news, it's not bothered me near as much as it did before! I can see that having cancer kind of messes with your head, and changes your outlook in ways that aren't always positive.
I received the news in Provo where I was attending BYU Women's Conference with Mom, Julie and Heidi. It was a wonderful conference, and just the place I needed to be with my worrying. All of the classes I attended offered some good insights and the Spirit was strong there. It was wonderful to get away with these wonderful women whom I love so much, and just enjoy being with them. Elder & Sister Bednar's messages were especially inspiring to me. The theme of the conference was from Alma 37: 6-7: "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass." I spent alot of time those two days thinking about all the "small & simple things" that have consistently been done for me and my family by so many of you. These "small & simple things" have lessened my burdens and have greatly affected my outlook & attitude--thank you. I am also very thankful for the many "small & simple things" my Heavenly Father & Savior have done for me. I've been trying to write in a gratitude journal each day since my diagnosis--it has been a very small thing for me to do, but has helped me to really see all the great things that have occurred in my life. I am grateful that I have the gift of sight so I can write and read the about the small & simple things that happen each day in my life. It is so interesting to me that as we recognize our blessings and express gratitude to our Maker for giving them, He pours out even greater blessings upon us. I love you all and thank you for your prayers for me this week. Love always, Kim


  1. Small and simply one dark chocolate m&m, or a tap on the shoulder followed by a sincere smile. Or looking out the window and falling in love all over again with the sky, or hearing the door open and shut and realizing it's the kids home from school. I'm with you Kim, life is full of uplifting, encouraging, inspiring small and simple things. :-)

    On the other hand, I'm always grateful for the large and complex things too. You can rightly take on that title today. And I'm so grateful for you!

    We're already praying for you for Wednesday, tomorrows, surgery. With how you handle the large and complex issues in your life, I think you've got this one covered.

  2. Kim, thanks so much for the fun visit this week. It is so good to see you and catch up a little. My mom sends her hello and best wishes for your surgery tomorrow too. Much love!!!

  3. Kim,
    I truly appreciated your comment in class on Easter Sunday regarding gratitude. You mentioned that expressing gratitude was the one thing that has gotten you through this struggle - one of the toughest struggles a person can face in this life. I wonder how many caught the profound nature of that message. As stated in Pres. Monson's talk - "Expressing gratitude unlocks the doors of Heaven". I can see that has happened for you. What a gift.
    Much love,